The Company

Leisuretips Limited is an-established Tours and Safari Company with a wide experience in handling inbound and outbound holidays not only for domestic tourists but also international tourists from all over the world. We specialize in all destinations all over the World.


A hundred percent owned by a Kenyan (100% Kenyan)

Our Mission

We are so dedicated on what we do…thus our mission is divided into three categories:

Client Mission

We are driven by passion in offering the highest quality, safest and best value trips and holidays across the globe.
At Leisuretips, we want our clients to experience the pleasure of finding and pursuing a passion through a Tour Agent. It is our goal that clients return from our Holiday trips having found a new passion or solidified an existing one, having made lasting friendships, having experienced a deep sense of achievement as a result of reaching new heights in their favorite Vacations, and having acquired a new understanding about booking with a Tour Operator as a result of the unique experiences that our Holidays provide.

Social Mission

We seek to maximize the positive impact of our trips on the local communities we visit and eliminate potential negative effects. In addition to involving local people in our trips, we try to meet this goal by creating itineraries that allow clients to experience the local culture through food, festivals, activities and cultural sites. Please feel free to donate to them if you identify any needs they might have you may contact us on how to go about it.

Enviromental Mission

In our humble way, we ask that you come join us on a journey to discover the subtle treasures of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. In doing so, it will awaken you to all the rich historical, cultural and natural resources that they offer.
To minimize our impact on the environments we follow the principles of a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible tourism recreation. These principles include:

  • Plan ahead and prepare
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Minimize camp fire impacts
  • Respect wildlife
  • Be considerate of other visitors

Our Vision

To become the most preferred Tour Operator in the region and our clients’ best friend by always providing the best possible product, with the highest quality of services, and demonstrating faithfully our commitment towards social and environmental responsibility.

Our Values

Our customers and partners are extensions to our families and we ensure their comfort, safety and happiness
Our employees are provided with a safe and pleasant working environment in which they can grow professionally and are valued for their contributions

Our Motto

It’s time to take a break, relax and learn about leisure…at Leisuretips we say “Giving you Leisuretips!”


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