Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park offers excellent opportunities for game drives, allowing visitors to explore its diverse ecosystems and encounter the thriving wildlife. The park’s uncrowded nature and stunning landscapes make it a peaceful and rewarding safari destination. Visitors can also enjoy guided walks, birdwatching, and cultural visits to Maasai villages to gain insights into the local traditions and way of life. With its unique wildlife experiences and breathtaking scenery, Tarangire National Park offers an unforgettable safari adventure in Tanzania.

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0800hrs Depart from Arusha town to Tarangire National Park. At 2,600km², Tarangire is far from being the

biggest of the Tanzanian parks, but its unrivalled landscape of open plains, dotted with thousands of

baobabs, is unforgettable. About 120kms south of Arusha. Tarangire is known for its tree-climbing lions and

for its very big herds of buffalo. This is one of Africa’s little-known gems and should be on the itinerary of all

lovers of wilderness and solitude. The game numbers are staggering: 30,000 zebra, 25,000 wildebeest, 5,000

buffalo, 3,000 elephant, 2,500 Maasai giraffe and over 1,000 fringe-eared oryx (gemsbok). Predators include

lion, cheetah and leopard and birders will want to look out for the endemic ashy starling, rufous-tailed weaver

and black-collared lovebird. Packed lunch is included during this tour. The tour ends in Arusha town at

around 1700hrs.

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Tarangire National Park
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