Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park is a stunning national park located in northern Tanzania, approximately 126 kilometers west of Arusha. Covering an area of about 330 square kilometers, the park is famous for its scenic beauty and diverse wildlife. The centerpiece of the park is the expansive Lake Manyara, which stretches along the park’s eastern border and attracts a wide array of birdlife, including pelicans, flamingos, and African spoonbills. The park is also known for its large population of tree-climbing lions, a unique behavior rarely seen in other parts of Africa.

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0800hrs Pick up from Arusha town and drive to Lake Manyara.

This is one of the most diverse of Tanzania’s national parks, a tiny (325km²) combination of Rift valley lake,

dense woodlands and steep mountainside. Manyara is a birding paradise (more than 380 species), especially

for waterfowl and migrants and the forests are one of the best places around to see leopards. Lions hunt on

the grassy shores of the lake and were once known for their habit of climbing trees, although this behavior

seems to have been dropped in recent years. The park can easily be seen in a day. Most visitors will tailor a

visit to Manyara to fit in with a trip to one of the Big Three parks (Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro).

Packed lunch is included during this tour. The tour ends in Arusha town at around 1700hrs.

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Lake Manyara National Park
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