Dar es Salaam City tour

Duration: Half day 4 Hours / Full day 7 hours

This tour provides insight on Dar es Salaam’s rich history and daily lives of people living in Tanzania. Your driver will take you through the city center and towards Mnazi Mmoja Park where you will see a replica of the Uhuru Torch Monument. The original one was erected on Mt. Kilimanjaro to commemorate freedom from colonialism that came with independence. Other famous landmarks you will spot along the way include the German-built Azania Front Lutheran Church, St. Joseph’s Cathedral , Kivukoni Fish Market, and the famed Coco Beach.

Your sightseeing drive will also have you visiting the Village Museum, Tinga Tinga Market, the Mwenge Carvings Market and the National Museum where you will be able to see historical and archaeological items, among them Louis and Mary Leakey’s findings from Olduvai Gorge. These human fossils displayed in the Half of Man include the skull of the so-called Nutcracker Man. There is also a collection of tribal ornaments, headdresses, and traditional musical instruments collected from various regions in Tanzania. 

Note: Guests must be aware that the museum guides are the best available. The museums are not air conditioned. Expect the weather to be hot and humid. The order of the sites may vary depending on traffic. Some of the sites are closed on Sundays, Saturdays and during public holidays. The tour starts and ends in Dar es Salaam city center.

Price per person in US$ LTLTD1 
Validity: 01 Jan – 31 Dec, 20231PAX2PAX3Pax4Pax5PAX6Pax 
Half day – 4 hours21511585655550 
Full day – 7 hours300160115907565 

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Dar es Salaam City tour
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